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Tui Lawa Foundation

This foundation launched during our inaugural SHMC and is the primary mechanism by which PMSA conducts our clinical screening initiative. Participants of the SHMC were involved in non-communicable disease screening of the local Fijian community, and were provided were the equipment necessary to screen up to 1000 patients in these remote islands. PMSA involved our senior medical students as volunteers during this program, providing them with useful experience whilst also enabling the local community to benefit from free screening and access to health promotion and education.

This year we will be expanding our outreach to go into a minimum of 3 Fijian communities during our SHMC, and offering free non-communicable disease screening. During this program, we will also be collecting data (with the consent of participants) on the non-communicable diseases we screen, which will inform our future research projects. This will ultimately allow us to better tailor our Tui Lawa Foundation in future by practicing evidence-based outreach.

Therapeutic Guideline Software Initiative

PMSA will facilitate access to free eTG software for all students studying or working in the Pacific Islands. For students studying in Fiji, you also are able to access Fiji specific guidelines through 'Guideline Host'. To find out how to submit for access please complete the form below. If you have difficulty, please contact us and we will get you access!

E-Prescribing Fiji

PMSA has also been part of the process of instituting E-Prescribing in local Fijian hospitals. We assisted in setting up the first e-prescribing system in Fiji, which remains in the process of being expanded upon.

The Pacific Medical Experts Conference

This one day conference was held on December 17th 2017 and involved experts contributing to the inaugural SHMC coming together to discuss a broad range of pacific healthcare issues and contribute to our Public Health Working Group. These interactive sessions involved Doctors, Academic Experts, Researchers and Scholars from a broad domain of interests raising and discussing healthcare issues which they believed were of core concern in the Pacific region. These discussions have informed PMSA’s policy and focuses, and the themes which our future Southern Hemisphere Medical Camps will be focusing on.

Green Living Initiative

Our green living initiative aims to ensure we are giving back to the environment and undertaking our other initiatives in a sustainable way. During the SHMC our student volunteers and local Fijians planted hundreds of trees on Malolo island as part of our Climate Change program. This further allowed us to engage with local Fijians and build our connection to the local pacific islander community.

This year we will be running the "Buy a Tree in Fiji" campaign as part of our Green Living Initiative. PMSA will be partnering with AMSA Code Green and the Friends4Fiji foundation to fundraise to expand out tree planting initiative. Please support us by donating to this cause through our GiveNow platform!



Research   at   PMSA

PMSA is committed to promoting research in Pacific Islander health, and facilitating the development of research skills among our students


We are delighted to formally launch the Pacific Medical Students' Journal (PMSJ) this year. This journal underwent a soft launch during the inaugural SHMC last year when two articles were included in the SHMC Magazine. This journal has an emphasis on Pacific health with an aim to raise awareness on Pacific Islander healthcare issues for all who read it. We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to 9 spectacular articles ranging from formal research and review pieces to elective reports and reflective articles all giving unique insight into health in the Pacific Island.

We hope that all of you take inspiration because we will be opening submissions for next years journal in the coming months and we encourage you all to put pen to paper and jump on this opportunity to get some amazing work published.

Two very lucky authors will be presenting their research at the Southern Hemisphere Medical Camp in 2019. Make sure you come along and learn more about Pacific Island Healthcare.


PMSA will be launching a research program for students in 2019!! Keep an eye out here on how you can get involved.


PMSA presented a poster about the 2017 SHMC at AMSA Global Health Conference 2018:

PMSA presented a poster about our E-Prescribing initiative at the Rural Medicine Australia Conference 2018:

PMSA represented Pacific Islander medical students at the World Public Health Congress 2017: