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PMSJ Policy

The Pacific Medical Students’ Journal (PMSJ) is an annual student-reviewed interdisciplinary medical journal.  This journal has an emphasis on Pacific health with an aim to raise awareness on Pacific Islander healthcare issues for all who read it. We welcome all medical and allied health submissions relating to, influenced by or impacting Pacific Islander health. All accepted papers are published online and in our print annual journal.

All submitted papers should be original and of a high quality. Papers deemed appropriate for PMSJ and fulfilling the outlined requirements will be submitted for review by our team of editors. Papers will be independently reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers and will be returned to the author as ‘accepted’, ‘rejected’ or ‘accepted with revisions.’

Please read through the following guidelines carefully so as to avoid any delay in publication.

WORD LIMIT (Excluding abstract and references)

Original Articles* 3000

Review Articles* 4000

Reflective Articles 2500

Elective Reports 2500

* Requires abstract (see below)



Original Article 300

Review Article 300



Original Articles 6

Review Articles 6

Reflective Articles 3

Elective Reports 5



Original Article 40

Review Article 70


Structure of Papers
Papers must comply with the word count and figure, table and reference limit listed above. 

For Original Articles and Review Articles please include an abstract of no more than 300 words. This should be structured listing the background, aim, methods, results and conclusion. Please include a Title accompanied by full names and affiliations (ie Universities) of all Authors in desired order to appear on published paper.


For Original Articles, the paper should be structured and defined by the headings: Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion; Conclusions; References. For all other articles, use headings as appropriate.


Reference list is to be provided at the end of the article after ‘Conclusion.’ In text citations should appear in numerical order and follow the relevant sentence and be in square brackets [ ].

The reference list should be formatted in Vancouver format. List all authors when 5 or less, when there are 6 or more, list just the first 3 authors followed by ‘et al.’

Sample references are shown below:

Smith JR, Tankel GT, Hill J, Johnson W. The use of NSAIDs in Fiji. PMSJ 2018; 1: 8-10.

Toll F, Rama A, Patel D et al. Study of stethoscope numbers in Vanuatu. PMSJ 2018; 4: 25-33.

In-text citation: There is an increased number of Fijians in Fiji compared to in Australia [2].

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