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The Pacific Medical Students’ Journal (PMSJ) 

Submission Criteria

If you are an author interested in getting your article published in the Pacific Medical Students’
Journal, have a read of the following criteria on how to submit your article.

1. Articles must be original work and not have been already published or in the process of publication in another journal.

2. Articles are to be in English.

3. Articles must be submitted via email to The body of the email must address the following:
- author’s interest in publishing with PMSJ
- author’s full name, university, and country
- full name of the article
- article type (original, review, elective report, reflective writing)

4. Articles are to be submitted as a Word Document.

5. The Publications team of the Pacific Medical Students’ Journal reserve the right to edit the article, which includes proof-reading, correcting grammatical errors, recommending changes, and improving the layout of the article according to the Pacific Medical Students’ Journal Template.

6. Once an article has been accepted for publication in the Pacific Medical Students’ Journal, the author will be contacted via email regarding the acceptance and status of the article as well as any recommendations/suggestions regarding the article.

7. No authors or reviewers would be in direct contact with each other and all correspondence would be done via email –

8. The authors should have received proper approvals from relevant authorities to conduct the research. All approval documents are to be sent along with the article to These documents include:

  • all documents with approvals sought from various institutions and individuals such as, for Fiji – from either the College Health Research Ethics Review Committee

  • (CHRERC – College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences) and the Fiji National Health Research Ethics Committee (FNHRERC – Ministry of Health).

  • a statement on Non-bias and Confidentiality of research data.

  • a statement on the Declaration of Affiliations in any form, Sources of Funding, as well as any possible Conflicts of Interests.

The Pacific Medical Students’ Journal accepts the following submissions from interested

1. Original Articles
2. Review Articles
3. Elective Reports
4. Reflective Writing

Original and Review Articles:
All original and review articles must have a word limit of 3000. These articles will undergo a single-blind peer-review and recommended changes (if any) will be suggested to the authors via email. 

Refer to the Pacific Medical Students’ Journal Template for guidelines on the layout of the articles.
During submission, do not forget to check whether the above criteria have been met and ensure to send in all supporting documents as stated in the criteria above.


Elective Reports:
Elective reports or Placement reviews allow people to share incredible experiences and adventures they have had while undertaking electives or mandatory university placements in any the country in the Pacific.

This is an opportunity to share with the readers of the Pacific Medical Students’ Journal what it is like to work in the health field of various countries and who knows, your story might just inspire someone who wishes to undertake electives or placements in one of these countries!

The word limit for elective reports is 2000.

Reflective Writings:
The Pacific Medical Students’ Journal invites people from different Pacific Island countries to share their experiences, views, and opinions regarding various topics relating to health in the Pacific.

Examples include (but is not limited to): students’ experiences in studying in a health-related the field in their country; the motivation factor which drove students to join the health field; people’s views and opinions on health issues affecting their country; the journey of a student leaving their country to study a health-related field in another country; advice from health professionals in undertaking health-related subjects in schools and universities or how to navigate through the challenges presented at medical schools; any situation/finding which grabbed the interest of people when studying or working in a health-related field in the Pacific; peoples’ experiences in growing up in the different Pacific Island countries, etc.

The word limit of reflective writings is 2000.

Disclaimer: If the reflective writing has been accepted for publication in the Pacific Medical
Students’ Journal, the writing reflects the opinions, views, and experiences of the author only and
not that of the Pacific Medical Students’ Association.

Submissions now open


closing date: OCTOBER 31st 2020
email us for submission
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