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Editorial Format Guidelines

This provides an outline of the editorial process involved in publishing an editorial in Pacific Medical Students Editorial Column.


Purpose: The initiative of PMSA editorials is to raise awareness of the emerging health issues that exist within the South Pacific Region and to improve public understanding of medical science.


Target Audience and Niche: The general public and medical students or professions. Express information in such a way that it triggers understanding in both medical and non-medical readers. Achieve maximum outreach, exposure, and impact.


Sources: All sources must be authentic and recognized as a reliable source of information for medical universities and other medical facilities. All information should have appropriate referencing not only to acknowledge the original work but also to allow readers to view original content if they please. All photographs, tables or graphs need to be sourced. Ensure adequate in-text referencing in prepared.


Verification of sources: Ensure that all sources are verified. If you cannot ascertain the accuracy and the provenance of such material, it cannot be published.


Before publishing, all editorial work must undergo proofreading, corrections of grammatical error and tone-voice check.


Your Recommendations: All editorial work has a point to bring across, especially when pointing out certain health issues in the Pacific region. Therefore, every topic must have a solution to suggest, recommendation to make, or opinions on how a health issue could be tackled better in the future or at current times. This will enable reader engagement and critical-thinking.


Statistics: Be sure to secure the latest available statistics, and in all instances cite the date of the research. Be wary of relying upon outdated sources. Also, be sure that statistics are used in context and not manipulated to prove a point.


All work should have mandatory introduction, epidemiological analysis, recommendation and conclusion.


Editorial Blogs do not require in-text referencing, however, all sources must be available after conclusio

Editorial Criteria includes the following:

  1. Article

  2. Review Article

  3. Abstracts

  4. Blogs

For Editorials from Non-members of PMSA who are interested in publishing their work on their editorial column.

  • Must follow the editorial guidelines and criteria

  • Must be submitted via email only.

  • Must provide a specific indication on email reference, e.g.  Ref: EDITORIAL

  • Must provide their full name, university, or credentials.

  • Editorial must be sent in Word Document and in English only

  • The editorial will be published once the work has been approved and deemed fit to be published by the usual channel which includes:

  1. President of PMSA

  2. Vice President Internal and External of PMSA

  3. Publications and Editorial Directors and Team


  • The author(s) will be informed via email on any corrections, changes or recommendations required before publication

  • Deadline for submission: Friday’s (editorials submitted after Friday will only be considered for publication on the following week).

  • Pacific Medical Students Editorial Email:

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