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About PMSA

In the wake of the 2016 Cyclone Winston in Fiji, a group of medical students from Australia and Fiji founded PMSA as a global health initiative. Our hope was to promote international collaboration that would ensure that in times of need doctors from across the Pacific would be able to work together to provide the best care possible to Pacific Islander patients.

PMSA is run by an executive team of volunteer students attending medical schools across the Pacific region, who work closely with liaison officers nominated by each medical school across the Pacific region. We exist as a team of “internal partners” attending medical schools in the Pacific Islands, and “external partners” attending medical schools in Australia and New Zealand.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

- Benjamin Franklin

Why do we exist?

The core mandate of PMSA is to create a positive change in the lives of Pacific region medical students, by organising and providing medical education beyond that offered within the respective curriculum of medical schools. This in turn will better prepare the next generation of Pacific doctors to engage with clinical medicine, research and health promotion. PMSA aims to be an agency for communication and representation of Pacific Island medical students both domestically and internationally to key stakeholders. We provide medical education targeted at areas crucial for improving Pacific health in the long-term, and work to improve the international recognition of these key health issues. As a non-profitable association let be medical students, we aim to host events that advocate on a global scale for engagement with Pacific Island healthcare.

Our Mission

Our Objective

  • To be an organisation for communication and representation of Pacific Islander students locally and internationally to leading stakeholders.

  • To promote international collaboration between medical schools.

  • To provide medical education focussed on key areas of Pacific health that goes beyond that traditionally offered by medical school curriculums.

  • To enable effective networking opportunities between future doctors in the domains of research, clinical medicine, advocacy and health promotion.

  • To ensure and enable effective networking and communication between other regional and international medical student associations.

  • To promote awareness among future doctors of issues relevant to the study and practice of medicine in the Pacific region.

  •  To advocate on a global scale for engagement with Pacific Island healthcare issues.

  • To develop leadership and professionalism amongst Pacific Island medical students.

  • To make clear that the practice of medicine transcends borders, and to ensure that in times of great need medical assistance will be provided by all neighbouring countries.

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